Winter in Corfu

Winter in Corfu

Corfu is our favourite summer destination!

As you have already read in our articles about the wonderful summer of Corfu, our island has a variety of options during the warm months of the year.

But what about the winter months?

Corfu in winter!

There are many visitors to the island in winter, especially in recent years when international flights take place until early November and continue through an internal response from Athens throughout the year. For more information about the companies that fly to Corfu and their itineraries, read our articles in the category fly to Corfu.

Corfu is one of the largest islands in Greece and is inhabited all year round by 110,000 inhabitants. About 10% of them are people of other nationalities who have made Corfu their permanent residence. It is estimated that our island is home to approximately 6,000 British citizens each year.

Winter accommodation in Corfu

Most accommodations are open during the summer. Especially the accommodation, restaurants and shops in the coastal tourist areas of the island in winter are closed. However, there are many options for accommodation in the city of Corfu as well as in the major cities of the island, Acharavi, Lefkimmi, Kassiopi. There are large hotels in the city of Corfu that operate all year round. See their listings on the global platforms airbnb , booking or contact us and we will be happy to suggest you some accommodation, rooms to let or hotels.

Food in winter in Corfu

In winter you will find most of the open restaurants and taverns in the city of Corfu. Indicatively visit:

– Pergola (for traditional Greek Corfiot food and snacks . Excellent tsipouro and local wine )

– The tavern of Marina (With wonderful Corfiot dishes )

– Entos ektos sxediou aka ” To tsipouradiko ” with many small dishes like tapas bar . In Greek it is being called mezedes ( small dishes ) and the tavernas with these kinds of dishes are the so called Mezedopoleia . Open from late afternoon until late night .

– Taverna «o Merianos » by the Saroko square with many local disehes . Open untill 16:00 each day . Night closed .

Winter fun in Corfu

During the winter most bars and clubs located on the beaches of the island are closed. But openly all the bars , cafes and clubs in Corfu city . In Corfu you will find on of the best clubs in Greece , 54. 54 is located 1 km outside of Corfu town at the emporiko area . Open every Friday and Saturday with famous residence and guests dj’s . Reserve your table and enjoy dance music and quality sound technology . You will be amazed by the moving rood that opens few times per night letting you see the stars !

Visit the following bars in Corfu town :


Del aqua


My Habit

Persona grata

Winter activities in Corfu

You can do many things since the Corfiot winter is warm with humidity and relatively high temperatures. Most months the temperature is from 7 degrees Celsius at night to 18 degrees Celsius during the day.

Try the following:

Excursion and food in Palia Perithia

Kite flying on a beach of the island. Especially on Holy Monday (the first Monday after the Greek Carnival )

Visit to the monastery of Paleokastritsa

Kite surf and surf in Chalikounas area

Bird watching in lake korission . Watch the famous flamingo birds every February

Visit at the Asian Art Museum (the only Asian art museum in Europe!)

Cinema night

Safari with the extreme safari in Corfu

Visit the Achilleion Palace

Have fun at Corfu Casino !

Venetian and Traditional Carnival in Corfu on February

The carnival takes place 40 days before the Greek Orthodox Easter. Here you will see the big parade on Sunday and you will meet on the streets characters lik e dotori ( doctors ), nodari (notaries), muzeta .

The carnival is very famous, and in recent years various groups work all year round while the parade chariots are prepared for months and disguised in costumes associated with personalities of the island.


Important dates of the Corfu Carnival are:

– Parade in the city on the first Sunday

– The meat Thursday – Tsiknopempti (the day that every one eats meat )

– On the last Thursday of the Carnival in the old town there is the traditional custom Petegoletsia . Usually takes place in the region if Pinia in Corfu Town. At this event ladies go out on the balconies and start gossiping in the local dialect. It is good to have someone who knows Corfiot well so that he can do the translation.

– The parade on the last Sunday 40 days before the Greek Orthodox Easter.

If you want to tour the villages of Corfu in those days of the carnival visit:

The village Visit becoming the became the dancing priests.

Essentially it is a dance without music begins from the priest of the village and then the n follow the other men of the village with a number or age or role in the community. Then come the old ladies dancing in a circle.

In the villages of Chlomos , Marathia and Giannades , the carnival wedding takes place even today.

It takes place on the last Sunday of the carnival and consists of the wedding celebration (where both the groom and the bride are men) which is endangered by the presence of a demon who presents himself as a satirist.


Winter activities in Corfu


Important dates in winter :

First Sunday of November – Traditional ecclesiastical custom with litany

December 12 feast of Saint Spyridon (see article)

December 25 Christmas

40 days before the Greek Easter – Venetian Carnival

One week – Sunday before Greek Easter

Corfiot Greek Easter

All the above information is a suggestion of the ilovecorfu team with the main and unique guide to help the visitors of our island to enjoy our place better. Do not hesitate to contact us to share your experience or suggestion! It will be our pleasure to hear from you!

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All the above information is a suggestion of the ilovecorfu team with the main and unique guide to help the visitors of our island to enjoy our place better. Do not hesitate to contact us to share your experience or suggestion! It will be our pleasure to hear from you!

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