Visiting Corfu? Tips to Avoid

Visiting Corfu? Tips to Avoid

Wouldn’t you just love to know in advance all the tricky things you could have avoided during your vacation? Well, this is one of those moments that your wish can come true. Corfu is a superb holiday destination as long as you bear some things in mind, things that may seem insignificant at first but will probably ruin a perfectly planned schedule.

First of all, Corfu can offer an extended list of different types of holidays to choose from, depending on your preference. It is important to be aware of what to expect. Are you a party animal? You can have it, as long as you choose the centre of town the more busy seasons of July and August. Are you looking for a quiet, relaxing atmosphere, then the stunning scenery of Corfu’s outskirts is the way to go. Whatever is in your mind, you can find it in Corfu! You are definitely going to love every moment. Therefore, book both the appropriate accommodation and the right location according to your  standards and the rest is easy.  Minor mishaps can always happen of course but no worries. Here are some tips to help you beforehand.

Weather in Corfu

Corfu weather is not unpredictable and that is an excellent feature of its climate. However, the humidity and heat can be quite demanding during the mid day and that’s why we recommend that you avoid tiring and time consuming activities under the scorching sun of the city centre. The hot weather together with the hectic hustle of the commercial centre of Corfu can be quite annoying. From noon till late afternoon you can spend your time resting in the lushness of a cosmopolitan beach bar, you can relax surfing the net, chatting or reading a book under the refreshing shade of a sunbed, or even choose a more isolated place away from prying eyes. The choice is yours. If nevertheless you would like to get around anyway, make sure that you keep hydrated and try not to overdo it with fatty pastries and spicy food.


Another holiday spoiler can be the incessant itching from mosquitoes that is quite typical to see during the summer, especially in excessively wet days. The mission begins at dusk and the bombardment can easily be stopped with a simple mosquito repellent. Although bees are one of the most essential chain links of the ecosystem, sometimes, if disturbed, can have quite a temper. Stings from bees and wasps can be attended to, without a lot of fuss, with just an appropriate ammonia stick that can be applied right away. It will save you a lot of nagging and crying from the little ones.

Car and busy streets

Having been equipped then, the exploration of the island can begin. Corfu however is not a small island that you can see in a day or two. Try to prepare your excursions in such a way that won’t waste you whole day in the car. From the north of Corfu till the most southern part of the island the drive can be quite tiresome with coastal and mountainous routes.  Organize your trips within a smaller range of kilometers each time in order to stop and ‘smell the roses’. There are so many interesting monuments to see and so many stunning locations to admire. Plan your trips in advance to make the most of your time!

The only thing you now need is positive energy and time to spare.  You have all the aces to play smart and have a blast in Corfu.

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