Stress Reduction in Corfu - 5 secret stress reduction places in Corfu!

Stress Reduction in Corfu - 5 secret stress reduction places in Corfu!

Have you ever seen on the net those insanely beautiful pictures of a peaceful landscape and then suddenly, reality hits you. The next photo is that of the real, not so ideal place, crammed with tourists, souvenir street stalls or hundreds of umbrellas obscuring every inch of the golden, sandy beach.  Your tranquil holidays would really go down the drain at once if no alternative was at hand.  Corfu though, with an incredible range of sensuous experiences and stress-free locations will definitely not let you down.

Soothing light, extraordinary aura and positive energy is what you foremost need to reduce anxiety and tension. This distinctive feature of the island, its astonishing light and authenticity is pervasive and evident in every beautiful corner of the island. Right next to the busy historical centre of Corfu, within the magnificent fortifications of the Old Fortress of Corfu, you can find a beautiful cafe. You can treat yourself a cup of coffee, a local refreshment or a delicious meal and enjoy the view of the dominating marble church of St George and the deep blue of the Ionian Sea.

Mon Repos

Another gorgeous site to enjoy your morning walk and be part of a still genuine natural environment is the Mon Repos palace and its bewitching surroundings. If you desire to really feel oblivious of all the trivia of everyday worries, this is the right place to visit. Early in the morning is the perfect time to recharge your energy levels within the abundant greenery of pine trees and rich vegetation right next to a scenic shore. When you reach the end of the gardens, why not take a dip from the Kardaki stone pier that used to be the Queen’s private sanctuary. You can drink the refreshing water from the Kardaki water spring but, bear in mind, legend has it that whoever tastes that water will stay in Corfu forever! It is definitely not random that the Temple of Hera, one of the major archaic temples of ancient architecture, was built within these grounds and of course this location has been chosen by various Yoga and meditation groups as a meeting point.

What is more, mentioning meditation, you should take a note that in Corfu you can find exceptional healing spa centers to let go and bask in the lavishness of their state of art facilities.


After such a delightful day, the only thing you don’t want is a lively, noisy closure of your day. That’s not an issue in Corfu.  The charming little streets of the old neighborhood of Campiello, especially during the coolness of the dusk, can become your favourite part of town. The postcard pictures of the laundry hovering overhead in every narrow street, the changing colours of the setting sun, the actual loss of time in this timeless setting but also a visit to the most distinctive restaurant of this part of the old town, the Venetian Well, is not to be left out of your plans.

Rovinia and Porto Timoni beaches

If, on the other hand, you would like an even more secluded and undisturbed vacation, sailing is the best option for you. The calm weather of the Ionian Islands and the countless heavenly beaches of Corfu that can only be reached by sea will offer you the tranquility you seek. Porto Timoni or Rovinia beach in Paleokastritsa is easily accessible as well, via the many schedules boat trips of the area. You can settle back and spend the whole day in Rovinia beach, gazing at the sheer beauty of its turquoise waters and wild scenery. Moreover, on the north of the island, near Timoni beach, at the edge of Affionas village, the lovers of hiking can expect one of the most breathtaking views of the sun setting beyond the mesmerizing horizon.

Corfu, your wish is a simple command.

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