Solo female traveler in Corfu. Your best choices.

Solo female traveler in Corfu. Your best choices.

It goes without saying that Cindy Lauper was absolutely right when she said ‘Girls, just wanna have fun’’, especially when, finally, the time has come for a solo female escape, away from the mundane daily routine. Then, Corfu is the only option for you. It provides you with an endless repertoire of activities depending on your time, budget and preference of entertainment.

First of all, solo might be the beginning of your holidays but a group of radiant girls on vacation can never get away unnoticed by the male audience. Corfiots are considered to be very handsome and hospitable so it is only natural that the company will become quite interesting, just to say the least. Mingle, mingle, mingle and let luck take its course.

However, first goes first and that’s shopping. Within Corfu’s old town, there is a great variety of elegant and traditional shops to spend hours browsing, pleasing every taste. From tiny, souvenir trinkets and accessories to luxurious famous brands and jewels. Walking along the narrow streets of the historical centre will be a great chance not only to gaze at the amazing range of shops but also explore every corner of the town’s beauty. Hidden corners perfect for the best selfy with the gang.

After a tiring shopping spree, what can be more rejuvenating than relaxing at one of the typical cafes of the old town? You can opt for the more crowded cafes of Liston and enjoy a local beer under the well-known arches of the most photographed pedestrian street in Corfu or choose more ‘genuine’ locations that are worth visiting such as the ‘Mikro Café’ right in the middle of downtown. Utterly beautiful environment with a lovely terrace to enjoy your capuccino, a cup of Greek coffee, homemade lemonade or the local ginger beer. Let’s not forget though that there are many restaurants and small taverns as well, to give you a taste of the local cuisine. After that, you will be up and ready for a sensational night out. You can stay in the historical centre to enjoy the signature cocktails in the various young-vibe spots of Corfu but later on continue to the fascinating clubs of the island situated just a short drive away. The impressive dance clubs of Corfu, like 54 Dreamy Nights promises, can become the crazy part of your corfiot experience.

Will you be able to wake up easily the next day? Well, the solution can be easy. Just relax at the beach and let the sunshine take away all your troubles. Corfu provides the natural miracles; it is up to you to discover them. Golden sandy beaches to perfect your shape and tan pebbled carpeted shores to gaze at the crystal clear water and feel the breeze of the Ionian Sea. If you are of course more of a dare devil, there are so many activities to choose from: skydiving, water skiing, paddle board, water bikes and many more to let off steam. Never though forget to refill your batteries in some of the most exquisite beach bars of the island: Kontogiallos, Glyfada and Barbati are the most popular- have it all- beaches of Corfu.

So, girls, come and visit Corfu to have the time of your life. When you see it, you will believe it.

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