Paxos Island a must trip from Corfu

Paxos Island a must trip from Corfu

One of the best excursion while you are in Corfu is to go for a day trip (or evan stay longer) in Paxoi Islands. You will find the islands on the intrnet as Paxos (which means the main island) or even Paxoi (which is the plural and includes both Paxow island and Antipaxos islands)


In order to visit Paxos island take thw flying dolphin from Corfu port. It will take 45 min to reach the small island of the ionian sea.
If you want to go for a day trip then contact us and we can arrange the day trip for you with one of the many local companies that they do excursion almost every day.


Best Things to do in Paxos

  1. Visit Antipaxos ! One of the most amazing small islands in the world with crystal clear waters, and white sand. It makes a unique scenery that you expect it only on Carabean islands or trpopical paradises. The journey to Antipaxos takes 15 min from Gaios (the capital city of Paxos island.)
    The beaches to visit are Vrika and Voutoumi
  2. Tripitos Arch. The unique physicaly sculptured natural scenery, created by the collapse of a cave. Its one of the landmarks of Paxos and is only 3 kms away from Gaios.
  3. Visit the blue caves! As you go to Antipaxos you can visit the blue caves or else rent a boat from Gaios and visit them! Do not forget Ortholithos near the entrance of Papanikoli cave. Th name Papanikoli comes from the Greek submarine that used this area to hide during the WW2.
  4. Erimitis beach. Visit the Erimitis beach and of course the bar – restaurant at the top with breathtaking views. At sunset the white rock takes a beguiling orange blue colour.
  5. More beaches like mogonissi, monodentri and more. At monodendri beach there are some beach bars as well where you can drink or eat a snack.
  6. Scuba diving in Lakka at Oasi sub.
    At Oasi sub you can get training in order to be fully quallified to dive anywhere on Earth up to a deep of 18 metres.



Top thing to do in Paxos in a to do list:


  • Vrika Beach, Antipaxos
  • Voutoumi Beach, Antipaxos
  • Tripitos Arch
  • Blue Caves
  • Gaios
  • Agios Nikolaos Castle
  • Erimitis Beach
  • Mongonissi Beach
  • Monodendri Beach
  • Diving at Lakka


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