Honeymoon in Corfu!

Honeymoon in Corfu!

Honeymoon and Corfu can be an inseparable couple indeed, as the island is absolutely the best choice to begin the adventure of married life. Corfu is one of the most intriguing honeymoon destinations as it combines all the essential ingredients for every taste and preference. History, entertainment, relaxation, extraordinary beaches and diversity of landscape: from steep cliffs to the most romantic scenery you can imagine.

Pontikonisi, Vlacherna and more !

From the time you lay eyes on the island, either by plane or by boat, it will be love at first sight. As the plane approaches, you can admire the picturesque church of Vlacherena in the area of Kanoni where, by the way, a lot of people, not only Corfiots, choose to perform their wedding, whereas, if you opt for the boat, the historical old harbor with the line of traditional housing and fortification of ‘Mouragia’ will give you a feeling of stepping back to the venetian period of chivalry.

Corfu old town

Corfu old town, with the countless cobblestone narrow streets, is the ideal place for endless walks that can make you to feel the atmosphere of the Lords and Counts of the past. The architecture, influenced by the Venetian rule but also by the English and French occupants, is of great interest for the history lovers as well. While enjoying your walk, it is not unusual to listen to the so many Philharmonic societies of the island, rehearsing classical music. As in the movies, this will definitely complete the perfect kiss of the newlyweds.

Canal d’Amour !

When exploration begins, don’t forget ‘Canal D’Amour’. This Canal of Love, located in the north of Corfu, is one of the most distinctive beaches of the island, a small lovely cove with emerald- coloured water, surrounded by white cliffs. The legend says that if a couple swims in its waters, they will stay forever in love. Staying on the north of the island, it is worth mentioning the magnificent sunset from the top of Afionas village. The breathtaking view and the colourful horizon are going to be an unforgettable experience. Very near the village, but better accessed by boat, is the crystal clear beach of Porto Timoni or Twin- Beaches as its shape refers to. If you want to avoid big crowds of tourists and feel the ‘blue lagoon’ once again, this is the place to be.

Lock your love at Kaiser’s Throne !

Very close to the centre, there is also the most romantic palace of Corfu. Built in Gastouri by Kaiser Wilhelm II and later  passed on to the Austrian Empress Elizabeth (known as Sissy) The Achillion, a neo-classical structure with the most beautiful gardens of classical sculptures and a variety of plants and flowers, overviews the whole of Corfu. The Kaiser Bridge and the elegant restaurant, whose pier is within the shore, can be the idyllic end of a starry night.

Corfu and honeymoon – inseparable.

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