Exploring the Charms of Pelekas: A useful guide

Exploring the Charms of Pelekas: A useful guide

Exploring the Charms of Pelekas: A Jewel of Corfu, Greece

Nestled on the western coast of the enchanting island of Corfu, lies the picturesque village of Pelekas. This hidden gem, with its breathtaking landscapes, inviting beaches, delectable local cuisine, and rich cultural heritage, offers travelers a truly authentic Greek experience.


Pelekas is blessed with several stunning beaches, each offering its own unique charm.

Kontogialos Beach

The most renowned among them is Kontogialos Beach, a crescent of soft golden sand lapped by the crystal-clear waters of the Ionian Sea. Sunseekers flock to this idyllic stretch of coastline to bask in the Mediterranean sunshine, swim in the refreshing sea, or simply unwind with a book under the shade of an umbrella.


Glyfada Beach

For those seeking another escape, nearby Glyfada Beach awaits with its tranquil atmosphere and pristine shoreline. Surrounded by dramatic cliffs and lush greenery, this secluded paradise is perfect for a leisurely day by the sea or a romantic sunset stroll along the water’s edge.


Agios Gordios

Agios Gordios Beach, captivates with its golden sands and azure waters. A haven for relaxation and adventure, visitors enjoy sunbathing, water sports, and savoring Greek cuisine at beachside tavernas. With its stunning beauty and array of activities, Agios Gordios Beach beckons travelers seeking coastal bliss in Greece.



Myrtiotissa Beach, tucked away on Corfu’s western coast, boasts a secluded paradise with its pristine sands and emerald waters. Known for its natural beauty and tranquil ambiance, it’s a favorite among nature lovers and nudists alike. Myrtiotissa offers a serene escape amidst Corfu’s coastal treasures.



Gialiskari Beach, a hidden gem on Corfu’s western shoreline, enchants visitors with its tranquil atmosphere and panoramic views. With its pebbly shores and clear waters, it offers a serene setting for swimming and relaxation. Gialiskari beckons travelers seeking a peaceful retreat amidst the beauty of Greece’s coast. The restaurant above the beach offers fresh seafood with stunning view.


Taverns and Restaurants

No visit to Pelekas would be complete without indulging in the tantalizing flavors of Greek cuisine. The area boasts a variety of tavernas and eateries serving up authentic dishes made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. From mouthwatering souvlaki and creamy tzatziki to succulent grilled seafood and hearty moussaka, there’s something to satisfy every palate.

Jimmys Taverna

Tucked away in a picturesque corner of Pelekas, Jimmy’s Taverna is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. With its cozy atmosphere and mouthwatering menu featuring homemade moussaka, souvlaki, and grilled fish, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy a leisurely meal with friends and family.

Phone: +30 2661 094284
Website: jimmyspelekas.com


Gialiskari Beach Tavern

With its rustic charm and panoramic views of the Ionian Sea, this tavern provides the perfect backdrop for enjoying authentic Greek cuisine and warm hospitality.

Phone: +30 6979759148



Linda’s Restaurant

Great food, Very friendly hosts, a gorgeous Greek restaurant in a perfect location, hardly had to walk from watching the sunset on the beach to find. Also, the best Pastitsada (local Corfiot dish) on the island!

Phone: +30 2661053727



Sabbia Beach Bar

From light bites and salads to grilled seafood and meat dishes, Sabbia’s menu features a variety of options to satisfy every taste. Guests can also choose from a selection of refreshing cocktails, chilled beers, and local wines to complement their meal.

Whether you’re looking for a leisurely lunch by the sea or a romantic dinner under the stars, Sabbia Beach Bar offers a memorable dining experience in the heart of Agios Gordios.

Phone: +30 2661 059123
Website: sabbia-corfu.gr


Taverna Archontariki

Taverna Archontariki, nestled in the charming village of Sinarades on the island of Corfu, Greece, is a delightful dining destination known for its traditional Greek cuisine and welcoming atmosphere. Located in a historic building with traditional architecture, Taverna Archontariki exudes old-world charm and hospitality.

Phone: +30 2661 054007


Taverna Grillhouse Botigis

A traditional Greek taverna with excuisit food and service. Awesome family taverna, the grilled meats are perfectly cooked and the starters are on point! Wholesome experience if you want to feel like a Greek in Greece

Phone: +30 698 984 3275




In addition to its natural beauty and culinary delights, Pelekas is steeped in history and culture, offering visitors a wealth of sightseeing opportunities.

Kaiser’s Throne

Perched atop a hill overlooking the village is the historic Kaiser’s Throne, a stone platform once used by Emperor Wilhelm II to admire the panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and coastline. Also it is a great place to watch the sun set!



Nearby, the picturesque village of Sinarades beckons with its charming cobblestone streets, traditional stone houses, and ancient churches. History buffs will delight in exploring the Archaeological Museum of Sinarades, which showcases artifacts dating back to ancient times.


For those craving adventure, the rugged terrain surrounding Pelekas offers numerous hiking trails and scenic viewpoints just waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re seeking a leisurely stroll through olive groves or a challenging trek to a hidden beach, the possibilities for exploration are endless.


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