Corfu in the springtime

Corfu in the springtime

Corfu is one of the most beautiful places in the world, a cosmopolitan island influenced by many civilizations . It is a magnetic destination with hospitable people, a rich range of architectural styles, clear blue waters and of course, the amazing Venetian style old Corfu town, a Unesco World heritage site.

One of the most beautiful things you can do on a spring day in Corfu is to go for a wonderful walk in Garitsa bay. The Garitsa bay is the beach front of Corfu , a point a few months will be bustling with dozens of sailboats remain anchored in this wonderful bay watching through the serenity of the sea during the summer bustling Corfu. In Garitsa in the morning you will meet many locals who do jogging. It is also the place where our older citizens gather on the benches to gaze at the Ionian Sea but also to play the unique game of iron balls, the famous Petang . Read our article about this sport that has been played in Corfu for decades.

Ideal route is to continue on the road parallel to the back part of Garitsa and see the ancient church of St. Jason and Sosipater. Then head to the only small beach in the royal baths mon repo and see the “ponte” that in summer is full of young and old who dive and sunbathe. Continue up the small hill and passing the old town reach the park of Mon Repo. It is the place in the summer at the outdoor theater of Rena Vlachopoulou (Greek from Corfu actress) climb large Corfiot other and Athenian theatrical performances.

In the middle of the park you will find the palace of Mon Repo. Prince Philip of England was born in this building. It is said that he was born on a table in this historic building. The house began to be built in 1828 according to the standards of neoclassicism and was handed over in 1831 as a summer mansion to the second English High Commissioner of the Ionian Islands, Sir Frederick Adams. In 1840, at the behest of Lord Howard Duglas, he was transferred to the seminary, where he remained for two years. The mansion was hosted in 1863 and several times later by the Empress of Austria Elizabeth, who later built her own mansion in the village of Gastouri, also known as Achillion. In 1864 the mansion and the gardens were donated from Corfu Provincial Council to King George I, who named the estate Mon Repos (Mon Repo), that “my rest.” Until 1967 Mon Repo was used by the royal family of Greece.    

Prime Ministers, kings and princes from Spain and England were also hosted at Mon Repo. It is said that the hostel, which is a second building next to the central mansion, was named “Tito” by the leader of the former Yugoslavia. (With information from the Greek wikipedia).

Corfu in the spring is wonderful both in the old town and in the countryside. Walk on the kampielo are. The Old Quarter of Corfu Town. In its small alleys you will see the daily life of the inhabitants of the island. Stand in a corner and listen to the noises, the conversations – gossiping of the old ladies, smell the wonderful Corfiot food and admire the wonderful architecture of the island. See the knobs on the large wooden doors. The colors in the apartment buildings are in pastel tones and the Corfiot red burgundy dominates.

Continue your walk and head to the palace which today is the museum of Asian art. Walk in the garden of the people and through the basket pass the bridge that connects the city with the old fortress. This point is called Contra fosa. It is the fortification project for the protection of the fortress of Corfu. Climb to the top of the fortress and enjoy the fantastic view of the city. Who does not feel awe in the face of the fortress walls? Do not forget to visit the church of Agios Georgios as well as the small marina of POIATH in the northern part of the fortress.

Places to travel outside the city:

Paleokastritsa Monastery – Prefer it at sunset and walk on the path that leads to the cross at its northeastern point.

Choose a beach of the island and fly a kite or enjoy the wonderful warm spring sun of the island! The most daring swim in Kontogialos beach or Glyfada beach

Visit the old Perithia, buy honey and drink the traditional ginger beer.

See the magnificent National Gallery in Kato Korakiana.

If you are in Corfu in early spring, see the wonderful flamingos on Lake Korission.

All the above information is a suggestion of the ilovecorfu team with the main and unique guide to help the visitors of our island to enjoy our place better. Do not hesitate to contact us to share your experience or suggestion! It will be our pleasure to hear from you!


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All the above information is a suggestion of the ilovecorfu team with the main and unique guide to help the visitors of our island to enjoy our place better. Do not hesitate to contact us to share your experience or suggestion! It will be our pleasure to hear from you!

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