A day in Paxos and Antipaxos

A day in Paxos and Antipaxos

A day in Paxos and Antipaxos

‘This is one of a kind!’ How many times in your life have you had the luck to utter these simple words? How many times have all forces of nature worked together to literally create a heaven on earth? It is indeed impossible to find the right words not only to adequately describe these two Ionian Islands but also capture their divine beauty.

This natural treasure is easily accessible from Corfu by ferries or flying dolphins and the experience is undoubtedly worth every second, even if you opt for the one –day trip. The moment you reach the island of Paxos you will realize what love at first sight means. The capital Gaios unveils itself gradually from a long ravishing inlet protected by the natural breakwater islands of Virgin Mary and St. Nicholas, thus making it one of the most impressive entrances you have ever seen. Right away you will adore the ‘cosmo’ attitude of the so many enviable yachts and sailing boats tied at this mythical haven, creating a kind of blending between tourist prosperity and the raw authenticity of the landscape.


Gaios is the perfect spot to begin your exploration of the island.  The traditional narrow alleys can show you the way to the old churches and cisterns, the ruins of the Venetian fortress, the folklore Museum, the local shops and taverns. It’s time to taste the fine gastronomy of the island and its splendid sweet vine, the rare ‘ in vino veritas’.  However, very close to this miniature capital, there are more picturesque villages to visit, all designed to inspire the most difficult critic. On one side, all shades of blue and green, while on the other, the freshness of lush olive groves and intoxicating vineyards. In Lakka, don’t forget to try the local ice-cream, have a look at the unusual handmade ceramics and jewellery, visit the stone-made lighthouse built in 1832 but also get dressed to raise the roof in Lakka’s night life. Logos, on the other hand, famous for its gourmet dishes and sea food restaurants, is a charming small village, ideal for a peaceful vacation with the family or the other half.

All around Paxos there is not a single beach that cannot boast for its incredible waters and beautiful scenery. The west side, though, has formed a wild setting that is out of this world. Mysterious caves and massive white cliffs can be quite overwhelming. The Eremites beach, with its towering rocks and enchanting surroundings, although quite difficult to reach by land, will unquestionably make it up to you. Just set back and gaze at the sunset slowly spreading its colourful spell on the horizon.


If, however, you think you’ve seen it all, you are about to stand speechless in the view of the natural masterpiece of Antipaxos. Only 15 minutes away, with conveniently scheduled taxi boats running all day long, this uninhabited islet of Antipaxos and its mesmerizing green waters will never fade from your memory. The exotic beaches of Voutoumi and Vrika, with transparent turquoise waters and dazzling white sand, are, by all means, part of a dreamy postcard. Ideal for swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing but also contemplation of what is really worth in life is what comes naturally in front of this miraculous view. In the case of Antipaxos the myth is indeed very close to the truth. Poseidon must have been in extremely high spirits to create this legendary retreat and you can have a share of the godly paradise!

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