5 unique things you should buy in Corfu

5 unique things you should buy in Corfu

In Corfu you will find many different things to buy. The most of them are unique and high quality products. Though you should not miss the following 5 unique things that you should buy in Corfu!

  1. Sikomaida – Fig pie

Corfiot homemade cake in the shape of a flat burger made from dried figs, fermented with ouzo and pepper. Dried figs are used in many parts of Greece in traditional pastries, however their combination with ouzo and pepper makes the Corfiot fig very special. If you want to cook Corfiot fig pie at home then you can see its recipe on the icookgreek site.

  1. Koum kouat

Kumquats are small trees belonging to the Rutaceae family that look like small tangerines. Their shape is very similar to mandarins but the kumquats are much smaller and with a strong oval shape and in size slightly larger than an olive. Their taste is sour and can be eaten raw. You will find them raw in all the local grocery stores.

Their growth is slow and the trees can reach a height of 4.5 meters. The leaves are dark green with white flowers, similar to other lemon plants. An important factor is the size of the tree, the production can be from a few hundred to a few thousand fruits a year.

In Corfu there are many well-known kumquat producers with unique and special products. We recommend you try it from the Vasilakis and Lazaris family.

  1. Tsitsimpira

 The recipe comes from England, however, some Corfiots learn to make this English soft drink around the end of 1870. The main ingredient of the soft drink is none other than ginger. Try the hottest soft drink from the 2 local companies that produce the soft drink in Corfu. The family of Chimarios and from Corfu beer company.

  1. Corfu Beer

Corfu brewery was founded in 2006 in Corfu. Its aim to invest in innovative products. Its vision is to excel in the business, social and cultural task it has undertaken. With respect to our traditions and culture. Always following the values of the company such as Innovation, Quality, Experience, Tradition and pride in where we live. Its mission to shape the values of the new era, a new era characterized by growth, passion and creation. Its purpose is to preserve its vision and mission with a human-centered approach. Taking risks! To produce innovative products giving value and pride to its fellow citizens and their unique hospitality through the proposals given by visitors of the island.

Try one of the famous beers or the new products branded as royal ionian.

  1. Olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is of exceptional quality, aroma, and taste. The oil comes from the first pressing of the olives, and no chemicals or hot water are added during processing. Acidity levels are below 0.8 percent. About 70 percent of Greece’s olive oil is extra virgin. In corfu the local variety is lianoelia. You will find many local companies with excellent quality olive oil. Many of them have special tours on their olive groves.

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