Best local products to buy in a Greek supermarket in Corfu

Best local products to buy in a Greek supermarket in Corfu

For all of us at it is very important when we go on a trip abroad to try to try as many local flavors as possible. To be able to find the best products in each country we travel the easiest way is to go shopping in a supermarket. In this article we will try to list the most important products that you should try during your stay on the island of Corfu.


  1. Corfiot Gingerbeer

We are very happy to have this traditional English soft drink in our memory. The Corfiot version is sweeter and less spicy than the English one. But it is unique and only for that it is worth trying!


  1. Corfu Beer

A unique product. For us it is one of the best beers in Greece and one of the best micro breweries in Europe! It is no coincidence that it was the official beer of the London Olympics. Try the ice cream and if you have time during your stay on our island, visit the brewery in Arillas. Also, if you are on our island every October, do not miss the excellent beer festival. A wonderful celebration that lasts about a week and that every year has a different honored country.

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  1. Kumquat

You do not need many recommendations for this unique product that exists mainly in Corfu. It came many years before China and the people of Corfu have made it their own! Corfu and kumquat are now one. In Corfu you will find it in drinks, sweets, nougat, food, cocktails and many many other products. Try the fresh and raw from a traditional greengrocer and take with you whichever version you love to make a unique gift to your friends back in your country!


  1. Noumboulo of Corfu

A special, unique and quality sausage made in Corfu. Noumboulo is a local sausage of Corfu, known since the time of Venetian rule

It is pure pork, marinated with spices and herbs of the Corfiot land, passed in the intestine and smoked with aromatic branches of the island such as sage, fennel, rope and laurel. For centuries it was prepared in the households of Corfu and in the butchers. Meat factories specialized in the production of noumbou appear only in the 1960s, with the first being the Corfu Meat Factory.

Try it in a salad, accompanied by a tsipouro but also an appetizer with a little fig!


  1. Corfiot fig pie!

A wonderful and spicy product that you will love. With its main ingredient fig, anise, fennel, wine, tsipouro or ouzo, pepper, cumin and a few more depending on its variety, try as much as you can! You will love it and eat it in pieces in a green salad, along with a wine as a snack or company with a plate of cheese and cold cuts!


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