The Monastery of Virgin Maria in Paleokastritsa

The Monastery of Virgin Maria in Paleokastritsa

We travel to our place many times and we do not know the history of many monuments, monasteries, roads, areas and much more. Through this column at our goal is to guide you to many areas of the world but also to be able to learn their history together! Today we will visit the monastery of Paleokastritsa in the unique Corfu!

The convent of the Virgin Mary of Paleokastritsa was founded in 1225. It was destroyed by the Genoese in 1403, rebuilt in 1469, destroyed again by the Turks in 1537 and rebuilt in 1572. Since then with some additions in 1722 it exists in the same area until today.

palaiokstritsa monastery

The area is of unique beauty. Especially in the summer months it is full of life. The beach of the area is famous for the crystal clear waters but also for the dozens of caves that you can visit either with a canoe, with a rented pedal boat or with one of the many tourist boats. For the more adventurous, just swim until you get inside!

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