Mistakes that will ruin your holiday!

Mistakes that will ruin your holiday!

Mistakes that will ruin your holiday!

The time has come to get away from the frenzy of your everyday routine and get ready for the holidays that (god knows) how much you’ve been waiting for! Love it or hate it, the particularities of all the necessary arrangements, the boring packing and the trivial focus on the ‘to do’ list has to be done pronto. There are, though, some unexpected traps that can get you off course and ruin your plans!

Too many clothes

How many times have you regretted packing an excessive amount of totally inappropriate clothes that you would never wear or need on the island? If the maternal instinct of protection is driving you crazy and the ‘what if’ is the beginning of your every sentence, take a deep breath and remember; it’s summer, in Corfu probably (that’s the best choice, by the way) and just a light jacket or cardigan can do the trick against the cool breeze of the ‘maistro’ winds. You’d better travel light and casual, with comfortable shoes and if by any chance, a special occasion comes up, it will be a delightful diversion of your schedule to browse the local shops and spend some of your time shopping.

No research before travelling

Another typical mistake is the lack of effort to get to know your destination beforehand. Believe me when I say that it will save you a lot of time and energy if you make the most of your internet access. On the surface, some may think that research can spoil the element of surprise but under the façade is where the foundation lies. It’s imperative to search the net for the most significant sights and monuments of your destination, means of transport if needed, distance between the locations you are interested in visiting, local holidays and festivals so that you can set your priorities and not exhaust yourself after an overloaded timetable of wishful thinking. However, first and foremost, you should get informed about the essential documents and measures you will need to follow concerning the new intruder of our lives, covid- 19. Nothing can be more disappointing than the last moment’s postponement of travelling due to insufficient testing papers.

Accommodation ?

When it comes to accommodation, the situation can get quite dizzying as well, having to do with an extravagant range of hotels, houses, apartments and villas. It all depends on your taste, budget and planning. This way there will be no funny surprises, no stress and complaining. Do you fancy a vacation in the heart and soul of the city? Then make sure that you book an apartment that will help you let off steam. Are you looking for a get- away shelter to drift and melt in the timelessness of a pine tree forest? Search and you shall find!

In the mean time, don’t hesitate to ask the person in charge of managing the estate anything you are wondering about and don’t take everything for granted. What is bizarre for you may be truly acceptable in another culture? You should definitely ask whether you can drink tap water for instance, if a mosquito invasion is a possible spoiler of your outing or even special events that can be an impromptu change of your plans.

Drunk or Drink ?

And finally, you are there and expecting a nightlife blast is of course in order. However, I don’t think that a day in hospital after a lavage procedure is exactly your cup of tea. Getting extremely drunk is surely not going to be the desired effect amongst your companions and co-travelers let alone yourself. Now it s the time to get the party started and create the most memorable stories to brag about in the future. Just follow the ancient Greek saying of our glorious philosophers: Παν μέτρον άριστον which means ‘Everything in moderation’! Enjoy!

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