Live in Corfu like a local!

Live in Corfu like a local!

Live in Corfu like a local!

Every culture derives from a striking different momentum and the challenging mindset of its people, so it’s quite true that if you desire to get the essence of the country you are visiting, you have to let your hair down and see where the journey will take you. You should inevitably try to detour from the humdrum influx of the touristy group and be deeply attached to the habits and activities of the locals.

Coffee time !!!

Coffee is oddly the real reason that so many local people gather along the fabulous Liston area and the cozy little cafes in the small backstreets of the old town. How about a refreshing cold frappe (with the necessary clinging of the ice cubes as you leisurely stir the straw in the glass) or the warm roasted flavor of Greek coffee in the traditional small cup, very often accompanied by a tiny plate of spoon sweet of sour cherry, fig or kumquat. The delicate aniseed taste of ouzo has also become a usual appetizer to the natives blended of course with the spicy ‘meze’, a small treat depending on the café or if you prefer the more authentic ‘kafeneio’, eternally loved by the elderly men of the neighborhood. If you happen to find yourself in a cafeneio, you can try to learn how to play ‘tavli’ (backgammon) but considering the temperament of the customers, you will probably witness the usual argument of the stubborn opponents.

 Ouzo and more !

This ritual of coffee and ouzo is especially ‘obligatory’ on Sundays after church. St Spiridon’s church in the old town has the privilege to host the relics of saint Spiridon , the miraculous protector of Corfu. You can admire the awe-inspiring ceiling, beautiful religious icons and, if allowed, pay your respects to the remains of Saint Spiridon, for centuries kept in a silver sarcophagus behind the altar. Filled with devout worshippers, the Sunday service, charged with reverence and the beguiling chorus of the clergy, can become the true display of a Corfiot experience.

Another activity that can surely upgrade your research of Corfiot data is the local market in the heart of the commercial part of the town. Get ready to laze about in front of every stall and be absolutely amazed by the variety of fruit and vegetables that you can try, such as figs and special fig pies, black berries, tiny but delicious Corfu strawberries and prickly pears that can be peeled for you to go. As you walk along the market, the smell becomes stronger by the local ‘nouboulo’ and ‘salado’, a delicate but strong version of ‘salami’. The regional olive products, fresh fish and oysters will clearly not go unnoticed either.

It is without question quite complex to understand the Greek language but if you don’t try it now, you never will. Have fun with it and don’t miss any opportunity to practice chunks of language. If indeed you are Italian or Spanish you will soon realize how a lot of corfiot expressions are closely linked to our Venetian heritage.

So, remember: ‘When in Corfu do as the Corfiots do’. Mingle with the locals, watch a movie under the stars, taste the signature cocktails of ambitious bartenders, explore the little villages and the stories that they are about to tell, be part of the excitement of the youth and the wisdom of the mature. It is the minor details that make up the character of a place, pieces and fragments of history and daily life that have beautifully fused together.

Corfu Island beats in its own drum and it’s your chance to have a close hearing of its rhythm.

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