3 days in Corfu. The perfect itinerary for your first visit

3 days in Corfu. The perfect itinerary for your first visit


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In this article we will visit the following unique places of Corfu.

Liston area

Old fortress in Corfu Town with the amazing top view

Kanoni area with the mouse island view

Mon repos, the magnificent park of Princess Sissy and the ex royal family of Greece

The Archaelogical museum of Corfu

The Museum of Asian Art

Faliraki area by the sea

09:00 Liston area in the direction of the Old Fortress of Corfu.

Start your day with an espresso and a traditional cheese pie. It is very important to have energy ! Have a warm day ahead of you! Get a bottle of water and let’s go!

We will start from the center of Corfu (point A on the map). At this point there is parking where at this time you will be able to find a place easily. The price is 3 € and you can leave your car here all day!

The modern center of Corfu town is the pentophanarο or the location of liston (point A on the map). We start our journey from here and at this point we will return later to start our walk in the old town of Corfu. 200 meters to the east you see the old fortress of Corfu (point B on the map). Head there.

Enter the old fortress of Corfu. It is one of the most beautiful places on the island. The entrance is about 6 €. Inside the fortress today hosted parts of the university, the municipal library, the general State archives, a coffee – bar, as well as is the entrance to the marina for sailing boats in the northern part of the castle. Visit the church of Agios Georgios, and take a walk on the walls and the loopholes. Observe the city and the area of ​​Garitsa.

Climb the stairs and head to the cross and the lighthouse at the top of the castle. The cross is a construction of 1860 that was used in communication with ships. The journey to the top is about 7 minutes. It is a bit uphill and tiring route but the goddess from the top will reward you! See the old town of Corfu from above! A unique point of the island and one of the 2 points of the island that you have a corresponding view. The second point is the view from the new fortress.

If you want you can head to the sailing group of island and view of nearby vessels. Next to the marina there is room for a quick dip ! At your exit see the small exhibition from the archeological museum.

It ‘s still early. Of course you have spent 60 to 90 minutes of time. Let’s go to our next step!

10:30 Kanoni area overlooking the beautiful mouse island and the planes that land

We move along the coast with the aim of reaching the cannon (point C on the map). The distance is about 4km and you will need 45 minutes on foot or 8 minutes by car. But you have already walked a lot to the old Fortress, so we suggest you go by car , taxi or bus that you can get from point A on the map. We have the whole day ahead of us and we must not get tired so early, to be able to enjoy the island!

On the way to the cannon we cross Garitsa. An area that is a place where locals go for a walk, jogging and several older residents of the area, swimming in the sea! We go to climb the Mon Repos and reach the area cannon in d taps of the peninsula.

See the planes and take photos in the most famous part of the island!

Tip: Enjoy a Greek coffee or a traditional Corfu ginger beer!

12 : 30 Mon Repos

This magnificent park point D on the map, t the spent on the route you to the cannon and the connection j p meatballs now for a nice and refreshing walk through the shadows of the trees!

It will give you the time you need to rest for the rest of your journey!

Visit the museum in the center of the park and see historical facts from the life of the Royal Family of Greece.

The museum is open to the public on weekdays from 8 a.m. until 7 p.m. with a small charge of € 4, while there is usually no charge on weekends.

You can buy a combined ticket that includes visits to Mon Repos, the Asian Art Museum in Corfu Town, the Achillion Palace and more.

Outside the park of Mon Repos there is a bus stop in the direction of Corfu town.

On your way out you can make a stop at point E, in Garitsa and drink an ouzo overlooking the fortress and the beautiful traditional boats.

Tip: If you are in the mood for a swim then you can do it at the unique beach K ardaki at the edge of the park! A beach that you can visit until late in the afternoon!

13: 3 0 Archaeological Museum of Corfu

After passing by the point F of your map, which is the windmill area, go to your next stop which is the Archaeological Museum of Corfu. A very beautiful museum that was renovated in 2019.

The time you will need is about 60-90 minutes.

15 : 00 Church of St. Spyridon

The Saint of Corfu as Saint Spyridon is called point G of your map , since with his miracles, according to tradition, he has saved the island from various disasters and diseases . The miracles of Saint Spyridon are celebrated on different dates during the year.

Tip: If you are in Corfu on the 11th of August, do not miss the morning litany of the Saint accompanied by many of the island’s philharmonic orchestras!

15:30 Corfu Town

Visit the central point of the city of Corfu point H on the map. In the wider area and within a radius of just 500 meters you can choose one of the many restaurants, taverns, little mezedes bars (mezodopolea) something like tapas bars, the famous tsipouradika or restaurants by the sea. You can move choose one of them at the areas of liston, the old city hall, the mouragia area with the sea view.

For more information regarding your food choices visit our separate section for food in Corfu town or read the articles that we have on our website for the best restaurants, tavernas and souvlaki in Corfu town.

17:30 Asian Art Museum and Faliraki area

If you can still stand and do not want to go for a siesta in your room or hotel, then you can visit the wonderful Museum of Asian Art. Point I at the map.

See more information about this unique museum of Corfu on the museum website https://matk.gr/

The Museum of Asian Art of Corfu is housed in the Palaces of Archangel Michael and St. George and is the only museum in Greece dedicated exclusively to the art and antiquities of Asia. Nowadays, it enjoys worldwide recognition, with rare items from its collections being presented in international exhibitions.

After your visit to the museum see its magnificent garden and take pictures with the magnificent view.

Head to Faliraki point I on the map, and take a wonderful dip in the city of Corfu.


In this article we will visit the following unique places of Corfu.

Liston area

National Gallery Corfu Annex Kato Korakiana

Barbati beach

Kalami beach

Old Peritheia

Canal d’Amour Sidari

Sunset beach Peroulades

09:00 Liston

We begin the day us from the center of Corfu. All our routes start from the central point of the island , Spianada square . We start our day with the National Gallery Corfu Annex. The distance from the center of Corfu is 20 minutes by car.

09:30 National Gallery Corfu Annex

The Kerkyra (Corfu) Annex of the National Gallery, in Kato Korakiana, was inaugurated in 1993. It is housed in two renovated historic buildings, Castellino and Castelleto. The annex houses a permanent collection of Modern Greek art dating from the beginnings of the independent Greece until today. Temporary exhibitions and other events are also organized. A range of educational programs for all school levels is offered daily.

11:15 Barbati beach

One of the most beautiful beaches of Corfu is located in Barbati. Beach with small pebbles. Due to the stone the beach is very clean most days. Prefer one of the many and beautiful beach bars and enjoy your coffee or your food.

13:00 Kalami beach

On the way to Old Perithia which is our destination for our lunch it is worth stopping at kalami beach . It is the beach at the White House, the former home of Lawrence and his wife, Nancy, which is open to the public. The uniqueness of this building also drew in the crew of the 1987 British TV series “My Family and Other Animals”. They chose The White House as location for many of the scenes, had countless dinners at The White House restaurant. They became friends of the house and the family, as well as, dedicated fans of the beautiful landscape and the people of Corfu.

Visit the https://thewhitehouse.gr/the-durrells/ for more details.

14:00 Old Peritheia

We arrive at the most unique and special village of Corfu. The old Perithia.

The village, which was built in the 14th century while the island was under Byzantine rule, is located on the northern flanks of Mount Pantokrator at about 400m above sea level. The surrounding land was ideal both for sheep farming and the cultivation of olives and vines, and Old Perithia was soon relatively prosperous. Times were harder by the 20th century, however, and as tourism began to bring wealth and jobs to Corfu’s coastal areas, the village’s residents were drawn back down the mountain in search of work. Today, the village is a protected heritage site whose 130 houses, many built in a Venetian style, lie abandoned in varying states of dereliction. A few civic buildings also survive, including a school that remained in use until the middle of the 20th century.

Old peritheia is an ideal place to relax on a hot afternoon after breakfast at the sea.

Tip: Do not forget to try the original handmade gingerbeer and also to eat the traditional pastitsada or the tsilichourdia.

17:00 Canal d’Amour Sidari

The water and the wind sculpted the sandstone rocks creating a “work of art” unique in the country and in the wider region of the southeastern Mediterranean: The Canal of Love or otherwise … Canal d’amour.

This beach, which is located between the villages of Sidari and Peroulades is one of the most famous in Corfu, a reference point for tourists who come from all over the world to swim and gaze closely at this special beach.

As for the name of the channel, “Love Channel” comes from the tradition that wants the couples who will swim in it to stay in love forever. Specifically, it is said that “godmother” is a French tourist who together with the love of her life discovered the first large cave in the sea

Tip: Cross the unique path around the lacy beaches. Enjoy a dip from above and rent a canoe or pedal boat to explore the area.

20:00 Sunset beach Peroulades

Arrive early for the sunset in Peroulades. Go to the lovely 7 th Heaven beach bar and sit on one of the lovely cots. Enjoy your cocktail or your food. The sunset as well as the wonderful landscape with the steep cliffs will reward you!



In this article we will visit the following unique places of Corfu.

Liston area- Corfu Town

Achilleion at Gastouri village

Agios Gordios Beach

Kaizer’s throne at Pelekas village



Porto Timoni – twin beach

Afionas villa with the amazing sunset

09:00 Liston Area – Corfu Town

We start our day from the city of Corfu. Today we have a very big day ahead of us. A day full of unique landscapes! Get your camera ready and stock up on water bottles and smart little snacks.

09:30 Achilleion Gastouri Village

The Achilleion Palace can be found in the Village of Gastouri, 10 km southwest of the town of Corfu.

Following the national road Corfu – Achilleion and turning left at Ponti, the twisting road ascends through the olive groves to the village of Agios Deka (the 10 Saints), and finally arriving in the village of Gastouri, passing the traditional houses with their attractive flower fill gardens, bougainvillea festooned walls and pergolas awash with color, there is a hint of something special at the end of the road which unfolds itself at the imposing iron gates of the Achilleion Palace, which dominates a hilltop location.

There, where your imagination is free to run wild, the fairy tale becomes one with reality; good, evil and even the truth become one with the legend. A strange sense of awe overwhelms anyone that gazes over the imposing form of the Palace which dominates the area with its presence, residing between the cypress trees and other exotic plants and flowers which surround it.

The stunning appearance of this stately palace takes the visitor back in history to when the palace was inhabited by two great figures from European history whose only common bond was their adoration for Corfu, Greece and its culture, Empress Elisabeth of Austria (known as’ Sissi ‘) and Kaiser William II of Germany.

Empress Elisabeth built the palace to escape the tragedies of her life, and William II purchased it after her untimely death. William II, however, never had a chance to enjoy the palace’s beauty because of a war that broke out, from his own doing.

During the First and Second World War the palace was abandoned and inevitably pillaged by the enemy. After years of rebuilding and restoration, the palace was finally restored to its former beauty.

Tip: You can buy the combined ticket for the museums and castles of Corfu in order to visit Achilleion Palace as well.

Spent some time at the village as well. Gastouri is a small traditional village in Corfu

12:00 Agios Gordios beach

Agios Gordios is one of the most famous beaches in Corfu island. It is a sandy beach and took its name from the church of Saint Gordios (Agios Gordios) which is built at the beach of the village.

Agios Gordios is located in the famous for the beautiful beaches of the west coast, nestled at the roots of a green mountain while surrounded by golden green olive trees and vineyards but also impressive rocky complexes, with valuable works of art, sculpted by a hand for the village of Kato Garouna, which dominates amphitheatrically on the mountain slope.

You can stop and drink a coffee or an ice cream at one of the very nice beach bars at the left side of the beach.

13:00 Kaiser’s Throne at Pelekas Beach

Kaiser`s Thronе is a spot on the top of the cliffs above Pelekas village. From this spo you will be able to have a 360-degree panoramic view of the entirе island. The plot was used as an observatory by Wilhelm II, the German Kaiser who spent his summers in Corfu .

Tip: There are many lockers at the fence of the monument from couples in love. Lock your love as well and find your lock the next time that you will visit Corfu again.

13:45 Palaiokstritsa

Normally you can spend an entire day in Paliokastritsa. But today, in order to be able to see as many sights as possible on our route, we will stop for about 1 hour in this amazing part of the island .

Visit la grotta first. The wonderful beach bar 2 km before the beach of Palaiokastritsas. Go down the stairs and see the place where scenes from the James Bond movies “for your eyes only” were shot.

We continue our route to the beach of Palaiokastritsas and the monastery of Palaiokastritsa. Do not swim in the sea now. In about 2 hours we will be in a magical beach and it is worth the wait! Visit the monastery of Palaiokastritsa and take great photos!

15:00 Lakones village

Visit one of the many cafés and enjoy a wonderful ice cream and a coffee to continue your journey. Our personal choice is the dolce café with Corfiot ice cream.

The view from this point is really a painting! See the lacy beaches from above and immortalize their appearance in many photos!

16:30 Porto Timoni – The amazing twin beach

Porto Timoni is always crowded. But these are either people who know Corfu well, or visitors determined to discover its most mysterious places. This is because the beach is very inaccessible. The only ways to get to the beach are by descending the ravines of the settlement of Afionas which is located at an altitude of 130 meters, or by boat from the port of Agios Georgios. Many call her “twin”, as her “sister” is the neighboring Limni. The two beaches are separated by a narrow, green piece of land that “cuts” the sea in two …. Their waters are crystal clear and the sand is golden. The fact that the car does not reach the point in combination with the fact that the beach is free has contributed significantly to the preservation of its natural raw beauty ….

The story that circulates from time to time in the “wells” of the locals is that the place where Porto Timoni is located was the secret meeting place of Odysseus and Nafsika. The mythical daughter of Alcinous, king of the Phaeacians, ordered the Sirens to water Odysseus’ companions with sweet wine, so that they would fall asleep and she would meet the shipwrecked, secretly from her father. In the same climate, other legends say that the rocky islet that stands out from the slopes of Afion is the stony ship of Odysseus. It is a piece of land located in the middle of the sea and according to the Roman writer Pliny, it looks like the Homeric sailboat that “sails forever in the sea” ….

19:30 Afionas Village

Afionas, built on the slopes of the hill that “looks” at the cape, is one of the oldest settlements of Corfu. Impressive views, colorful houses and narrow cobbled streets. The village exudes a traditional air that has not been altered by the increased tourist traffic ….

Many claim that Afionas and the natural fortification offered by Porto Timoni, is the place where Homer placed the mythical city of the Phaeacians. It is a fact that, according to archaeologists, the wider area has been inhabited since the 6th century BC. Skeletons, ceramic pieces of amphorae and other archeological objects have been found from time to time in the steep caves, but also on the beach, washed by the sea ….

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